Spaceman Love Gun Costume
Love Gun is the sixth studio album. The Love Gun Tour started July 8, 1977 in Halifax, Nova Scotia and ended 32 shows later on September 5, 1977 – 16 of those shows were in Canada. Love Gun is the last album where all four original members were in the recording studio at the same time, where they all played on all the songs, and where they all provided lead vocals. This is their first album to feature a lead vocal performance from the space man himself. Here's a salute to the alien from Jendell's costume from that album & tour.
Demon Love Gun Costume
Love Gun is the 6th studio album, released on June 30, 1977. The demon sings two songs on the album, "Plaster Caster" and "Christeen Sixteen". This T-shirt design is based upon that costume from this album and tour.
Spaceman Dynasty Costume
Dynasty is the 7th studio album, released on May 23, 1979. The spaceman sings three songs on Dynasty: "Hard Times", "Save Your Love" and a cover of the Rolling Stones song "2000 Man". This T-shirt design is based upon the spaceman's costume for this album and tour.
Spaceman 1st Album Costume
The first album was released on February 18, 1974. Much of the material on the album was written by Gene and Paul, as members of their pre-band Wicked Lester. It was estimated that the entire process of recording and mixing took three weeks. Here's my rendition of the spaceman's costume during that tour.
Spaceman Destroyer Costume
The heavy rock sound was expanded with choirs, strings and sound effects on the 1976 album, Destroyer. The ballad Beth was their highest-charting single in the US, reaching #7 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart., but Detroit Rock City, Flaming Youth, and God of Thunder gave fans more for rockers to love!
Spaceman Dressed to Kill Costume
Dressed to Kill was released on March 19, 1975. The album seemed to prove that the band was on the right track to fame and glory. This album surely contributed to the formation of the new trend in hard rock - glam, shock rock.
Catman Love Gun Costume
Rock star X-cross style bandolier with budded cross and sherif badge. The budded cross is a common decorative form of the Christian cross. Its trefoils represent the Trinity. This T-shirt design is based upon the catman's' costume for this album and tour.
Spaceman Elder Bolt Costume
The Elder last album to feature the spaceman until their 1996 reunion. The costume included a lightning bolt design. Here's my rendition of that design as a salute to hottest band in the world!
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